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List of Powerful Foods to Arouse Male Sex Passion

Lynn Edlen-Nezin, PhD, author and a health psychologist, explains that nutrition from certain food sources can increase libido, the male sex hormone.
vigrxplusuk 02.08.2022 saat 08:11
  1. In addition to a healthy body and diligent exercise, food in fact also plays an important role in increasing male sex drive. Lynn Edlen-Nezin, PhD, author and a health psychologist, explains that nutrition from certain food sources can increase libido, the male sex hormone. What are the food sources that can increase male sexual arousal?Sources of food that can arouse male sexual arousal1. PomegranateA study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research found that pomegranate juice (pomegranade) had a positive effect on men with low sex drive. In addition, pomgranade contains a lot of antioxidants so that it can support the smooth flow of blood to produce stronger and longer-lasting erections.2. AvocadoDid you know that avocados can increase male sex drive? Yes, avocados contain monounsaturated fats, B vitamins that can increase arousal. Vitamin E in avocados is also often touted as the “sex vitamin” because of its antioxidant properties that can revive male sexual arousal.3. WatermelonA study from Texas A & M, showed that the content of lycopene, citrulline, and beta-carotene found in watermelon can relax blood vessels while increasing blood flow to the penis to increase arousal and produce stronger and longer-lasting erections.4. AlmondsAlmonds contain zinc, selenium, and vitamin E. These nutrients are vitamins and minerals that are important for male sexual and reproductive health.Then, the content of selenium and vitamin E is believed to improve infertility problems and men's heart health. Good heart health is directly related to smooth blood flow, as well as the release of sex hormones and greater libido.5. FishAccording to a 1997 article, by doctor Walter Eddy, zinc deficiency in the body can interfere with the sex glands and cause a man's sperm count to be low. Zinc is also beneficial for healthy sexual development for humans. One way to get your daily zinc is by eating fish.Moreover, the content of arginine and omega 3 in fish can be useful for balancing the body's hormones. Good body hormones will increase blood circulation to the genitals, so that libido is more easily raised.6. Oyster scallopsSeafood does contain vitamins and nutrients that are good for increasing male sex drive. In addition to fish, there are oysters that contain large amounts of zinc. Zinc is known to help men produce more sperm and maintain testosterone levels. If a man's testosterone and sperm levels are at optimal levels, then it has become one of the efforts that can improve a man's sexual performance and arousal in bed.In addition to the foods described above, regular exercise coupled with additional supplements such as Vigrx plus can make your sexual health more awake. What is Vigrx Plus? This is an herbal supplement that has been clinically tested to be safe for consumption.Sold more than 1 million bottles since 2007 helped many men complain out there in dealing with sexual health problems.The following are the benefits that you will get after consuming Vigrx Plus regularly.1. Harder, bigger and longer lasting erections2. Increase in sperm volume3. Increase blood flow in the genitals4. Increase sexual strength and stamina5. More intense orgasmsMany trials were carried out with VigRx plus pills on several individuals and the results showed that people reported an increase in sexual desire, libido and strength after 3 months of using VigRx plus. They also report hard and long-lasting erections without premature ejaculation. So on the whole VigRx plus proves that it is the most effective male enhancer that can free men from unwanted sexual restrictions and conditions.There are also several journals that you can read that Vigrx Plus is safe for consumption and proven to provide tangible results.1. BioMed Central and republished in The US National Library of Medicine under the auspices of the National Institutes of Health.2. Products Journal's research articles, reviews letters and guest edited issues on all aspects of research and development in the field.Come join our community https://officialvigrxplus.co.uk/ and find interesting information about men's sexual health.
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